Asset And Inventory Management

Connect Asset Management

We can help you with asset and inventory management, receiving and inspection services, and all of your storage needs.

You’ve made a significant investment in your workspace inventory, and when product is not in use, it needs protection and management. OP treats your stored assets as if they were ours, in a warehouse that is kept spotlessly clean.

Our warehouse facilities have been designed to accommodate your assets and inventory. We also provide short-term product storage for pending installation and long-term storage of excess inventory. With our proprietary Connect Asset Management (CAM) system we deliver real-time information on every piece in use or in storage. Products are protected from dirt, dust, and damage in a climate-controlled environment.

We help you better utilize your assets and avoid costs by:

  • Simplifying the tracking process
  • Reusing your company’s existing assets
  • Analyzing assets to eliminate obsolete inventory and reduce storage costs
  • Managing the asset levels to address churn, so reconfiguration can be executed more efficiently
  • Reducing cycle time from order to delivery and facilitating complete, on-time, and error-free installation

We forecast incoming shipments and receive your product into the warehouse, verifying that it matches the bill of lading, manufacturer’s packing list, and purchase order. We carefully inspect all shipments for completeness, visible and concealed damage, and conformance to specifications. If there’s a problem, we file freight claims and notify the project manager of any defects, shortages, or non-conformance.

In addition to our short or long term storage, and receiving and inspection services, we offer:

  • Warranty Services – We have the appropriate tools, replacement parts and certified skills to repair and maintain our manufacturer’s products under warranty terms.
  • Furniture Maintenance – We know when and how to provide the maintenance services as required or specified by the manufacturer to ensure that your products remain safe to use and in good working order.