Committed to Safety Without Compromise

Whether receiving product in our warehouse or installing a multi-floor workspace, safety for our team and clients is the first concern.

Our clients, many driven by industry-regulated safety compliance, have recognized OP for its safety practices. We don’t just talk about safety, we live it day in and day out. Our incidence of work-related accidents and injuries is significantly below the industry average.

OP is committed to providing all employees a safe and healthy work environment free from recognized hazards and exposures. It should be an environment in which all employees have the right, responsibility and training necessary to fulfill their job requirements in the safest possible manner. Accidents and health hazard exposure have no place in our company. Safety and healthy behavior are integral parts of all OP operations.

How do we do it?

OP accomplishes this goal by involving management and employees in planning, development, and implementation of safety and health policies and procedures. Each level of management and all employees are expected to display the highest standards of conduct in providing a safe and healthy work environment at OP. All employees are expected to hold themselves and others accountable for all safety-related behavior that is dictated by reason and common sense and guided by OP policies and procedures that include:

  • Safety orientations
  • Refresher safety courses and training, including OSHA 10
  • Health, safety and efficiency audits
  • Maintains drug-free working environment
  • Supplies all required safety equipment

Installation, warehouse personnel and the service department are required to do more in-depth safety training due to the nature of their work.

OP doesn’t just consider safety a factor in our service—it is at the core of our service.