Why OP

Why OP

OP - Your Workplace, Made to Order

Our world is made to order. Like today’s workplace, which expands and contracts and moves from fixed to fluid. At OP, we flex to deliver the exceptional. In every detail, in every interaction, we’re constantly improving how the work environment meets the needs of the humans who inhabit it. Plus we’ve got systems down. So make it big. Make it complex. Make it whatever you need it to be. We’re here to help you craft an environment that powers your productivity.

Customized Service

Great customer service is a given in an industry like ours. At OP, we take it one step further. We call it Customized Service. It’s an intentional difference in how you’re treated, in the way you’ll feel, and in the outcomes you achieve. We take the time to really get to know you and understand what you need to accomplish. Then we tailor our offerings, our teams, and our process to fit you like a glove.

Evolving to Be Better

At OP it’s in our culture to improve, do more, exceed expectations, and then exceed them again. We hold ourselves to a high standard—one that keeps getting higher. Not because the industry insists. Because we insist. This means you get world-class products and innovative solutions based on what you tell us you need. Simply put, the experience is better. And tomorrow, better yet. Because we strive for a better version of what we do. And better outcomes for you.

Taming the Complex

Big jobs, complex specs, moving parts, impossible requests? No problem. We tame the complex by pairing our proven processes and procedures with our high-caliber experts to guide your project from start to finish. In-house and at the ready, our designers, project managers, installers, and senior leaders work as a well-oiled machine to make the most complex project deliver in a straightforward and seemingly easy way. So, bring it on. We’re up for the challenge.

Our Human Approach

OP puts people at the center of all we do. In every plan, in every seat, in every detail, we’re focused on how the work environment will meet the needs of the humans who inhabit it—employees, partners, clients. It’s a way of thinking that’s core to our culture, and only available from OP.